Home Peeling with MOLODO Glove: A Safe Alternative to Scrubs. 6 Benefits of an Unprocessed Silk Glove

Home Peeling with MOLODO Glove: A Safe Alternative to Scrubs. 6 Benefits of an Unprocessed Silk Glove

Peeling is the easiest and fastest way to get skin that feels like silk. For home peeling, scrubs and acids are often used. However, this procedure comes with many nuances and side effects that are worth knowing about. In this blog, we’ve prepared a detailed guide on home peeling with a glove, an instruction on how to choose a peeling glove, and highlighted the 6 main benefits of using an unprocessed (raw) silk glove.

Some peelings contain aggressive components that can cause burns and, in the long run, make the skin more sensitive and dry. Scrubs with abrasive particles can create micro-cuts on the skin, irritate the epidermis, and provoke breakouts.

How can you avoid these damages? By choosing the right peeling product for your skin:)

Experts believe that the safest alternative to scrubs and chemical peelings is a peeling glove made of unprocessed silk.

MOLODO Unprocessed Silk Peeling Glove: What Is It?

Peeling gloves with special exfoliating weaves are a beauty gadget tested by many generations and cultures. They began to be used in Turkish hammams several hundred years ago.

After taking a bath, the skin would be massaged with a rough glove. These accessories were most often made from unprocessed silk, with a special weave that is rough in texture yet still soft and gently glides over the skin. The ritual of skin peeling with a glove quickly became a favorite procedure for many beauties in Turkey. Eventually, this procedure gained popularity worldwide.

Modern scientists confirm that the deep cleansing procedure using a peeling glove can bring numerous benefits, not only for beauty but also for physical and mental health. Let’s take a closer look at the most important of these benefits:)

Peeling Glove: Benefits

  • Removes Dead Skin Cells
  • This is essentially the main function of any exfoliant, including peelings and scrubs. However, unlike cosmetic products, the glove removes dead cells very gently. Dr. Joshua Zeichner, a certified dermatologist and director of cosmetic and clinical research in dermatology, explains that the glove does not damage healthy skin cells and does not cause irritation or redness.

    Peeling with a raw (unprocessed) silk glove makes the skin smooth and soft. When it comes to facial exfoliation, this type of peeling helps to apply makeup foundation easier.

  • Reduces the Risk of Breakouts
  • Blackheads and acne often result from clogged pores and excess sebum on the skin. To prevent these types of breakouts, it's important to deeply cleanse the skin and allow the pores to breathe. This is exactly what the peeling glove does.

    When you steam your skin with warm water, your pores expand, and a gentle massage with the glove removes all impurities and excess oil from the pores.

    Remember to wash the glove with liquid soap or shampoo after each use.

    If you have sensitive skin prone to breakouts, we recommend wiping your face with a silk towel after peeling. Natural silk prevents the spread of bacteria and helps keep the skin clean for longer.

  • Improves Skin Tone
  • Uneven skin tone is a very common but challenging problem to solve. Many doctors recommend salon treatments, often even using machines, to achieve an even and healthy skin tone on the entire face and body. However, exfoliation with a glove at home is a worthy alternative to a salon visit.

    Gloves remove dead skin cells (which often cause darker shades in certain areas) and promote skin cell renewal. As a result, the skin becomes lighter and free of uneven areas. As a bonus, you'll get a natural glow and a healthy peachy tone.

    When it comes to body exfoliation, gloves help get rid of uneven tan lines or wash off fake tan remnants. If you are planning a vacation, a peeling glove will come in handy. Exfoliating before sunbathing helps achieve a more lasting and even tan.

  • Enhances the Absorption of Skincare Products
  • Have you ever felt that even the best cosmetics don’t work? It’s likely not the cosmetics but the fact that they can't penetrate the skin due to a thick layer of dead cells and clogged pores.

    The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) assures that after thorough exfoliation, moisturizing products penetrate deeper layers of the skin. Thus, the skin receives more nutrients and becomes more hydrated and healthy.

  • Boosts Blood Circulation 
  • Massaging with a glove improves blood and lymph circulation in the cells. This boosts the detoxification process, making the skin firmer and more elastic. Good blood circulation in the cells is also a key to maintaining a youthful appearance for the face and body.

    Women who regularly use the glove claim that these accessories help to get rid of cellulite faster and prevent ingrown hairs on the body.

  • Provides a Relaxing Effect
  • It has been proven that rubbing the body with massaging movements has a positive impact not only on the beauty of our face and body but also on mental health. Such rituals relax the body's muscles and help reduce stress levels in the body.

    If you peel body with a glove regularly, over time you can improve the quality of your sleep and help your body recover better and faster. And feeling good is perhaps the best result of any self-care ritual, isn’t it?

    How to Choose an Exfoliating Glove

    When selecting an exfoliating glove, experts advise paying close attention to the material it's made from. This determines the effectiveness of the peeling and the likelihood of side effects.

    The market offers gloves made from a variety of materials:

    • Viscose gloves
    • Nylon gloves
    • Polyester gloves
    • Bamboo gloves
    • Natural silk gloves

    Experts highlight that polyester and nylon gloves are the most abrasive. They work well on areas where the skin is the toughest (heels, knees, etc.). However, for other parts of the body, these accessories can be too harsh. Additionally, it’s important to remember that polyester, nylon, and viscose are synthetic fabrics. If you have thin and sensitive skin, gloves made from these materials can cause irritation and allergic reactions.

    A good alternative to synthetic gloves are bamboo accessories. They are significantly softer and delicately exfoliate dead skin. However, if you want your peeling ritual to provide the maximum benefit, we recommend trying an exfoliating glove made from natural silk, as silk does not damage or traumatize the epidermis and only works on dead tissue.

    Why Natural Silk Exfoliating Glove is The Best Option

    You might think that silk, being a smooth fabric, wouldn't be effective for exfoliation. Here’s why that’s not the case:)

    Exfoliating gloves are made from raw silk threads, which have a slightly coarse texture and a special weave. This allows them to effectively exfoliate dead cells and remove all impurities from the skin. Despite the roughness, raw silk has a naturally gentle texture, so it won't harm even the most sensitive skin.

    While other exfoliating gloves are recommended for use with cleansing products, a silk glove doesn't require additional gels or foams. Simply soak the glove in warm water and rub it on moist, steamed skin. The result is deeply cleansed, radiant, silky, and healthy skin.

    The effectiveness of the MOLODO glove has been tested by an independent focus group. We gathered 10 women of various ages who tested the beauty product for a month.

    All 10 women recommend it for weekly facial and body peeling. According to their observations, after just a few uses, the skin becomes softer, smoother, pores are cleaned, and there are no irritations or redness, even in the winter season.

    Here are some reviews from women about the effectiveness and other benefits of silk peeling:

    Iryna: "The skin is very gentle, better than from scrubs and dry brushes."

    Eline: "The skin is very soft, and it even looks brighter. The first few times, a lot of dead skin rolled off as if I hadn't washed for 100 years, but now the result is amazing. The skin is soft and clean, noticeably lighter, and pores don't clog as much. I'm thrilled."

    Victoria: "I'm pleasantly surprised by using the face glove as part of my peeling routine. I'm currently in a very northern country, and it's already cold and frosty here. So, I was afraid to damage my skin with peeling, but I fell in love with the glove. The skin is super soft after using it, yet cleansed, and there are no aggressive effects like irritation, which is the best part. What's more, after two peelings with the glove, I noticed a reduction in redness and pores on my face."

    It's important to note that all hair accessories from MOLODO are made from organic Mulberry silk, which holds Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and Oeko Tex 100 certifications. All accessories, including silk hair turbans and pillowcases, are handmade in their zero-waste workshop in Lviv. A lavender sachet, used for aromatherapy, is included with every purchase to ensure that using silk accessories is both practical and pleasant.

    Visit the MOLODO store and choose a glove for body or face peeling. You can also order a set of two gloves for a complex spa procedure at home :)

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