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All our products are handmade in Ukraine 🇺🇦 . Shipping within 1-3 days. Worldwide delivery.

Red Elegance [limited collection]

Red, as a symbol of love. Silk — as a symbol of tenderness. The collection is meant to remind that everything starts with self-love.

Red Elegance — will embrace you every time you touch it.


100% organic mulberry silk

Welcome to MOLODO, where you can purchase beauty accessories that will serve you for years. Hand-made organic silk pillowcases, sleep masks, turbans, and more—all you need for the natural care of your face, hair, and body.

Our Story

MOLODO is a Ukrainian brand of organic silk accessories and clothing that preserves its beauty due to the power of nature. 

Self-care should be a special ritual.


MOLODO manufacturing in Lviv, Ukraine