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Silk Pillowcase Set 'Yin-Yang' (2pcs)

Silk Pillowcase Set 'Yin-Yang' (2pcs)

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Pillowcase #1 Color
Pillowcase #2 Color

Recommended by dermatologists, cosmetologists and your girlfriends 🙂

Sleeping on silk - is an ancient proven self-care tradition, that extends skin youth and makes hair shiny and smooth. No wonder all supermodels, actresses and beauty experts sleep exclusively on silk.

Silk pillowcase prevents after-sleep skin marks, hair frizz and skin breakouts due to its hypoallergenic abilities. 

Here is what your will receive:

- Premium silk pillowcase (2pcs), 
- Lavender sachet for aromatherapy (2pcs),
- Silk care guide,
- Branded gift box


Organic Mulberry 100% silk.

No toxic dyes.
Our silk is certified with Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and Oeko Tex 100.

Shipping & Returns

Delivery is carried out by «NOVA POSHTA». The cost of domestic delivery is automatically added at the checkout. For international delivery please read here


Pillowcase size:
Standard 50х70 cm. (20'' x 30''); Euro 65x65 cm (25'' x 35'').

Care Instructions

How to wash MOLODO™ silk products?

Best option is to use organic shampoo, soap or special silk care wash. Test our organic silk wash Silky Way.

Hand wash (maximum at 30°С / 85°F)

For more details please read here

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Customer Reviews

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Валерия Капусник
Ідеально для людей з акне

Причина, чому я купила ці наволочки (як і шовковий рушник) - переважно акне, бо шовк має природні антибактеріальні властивості, що допомагає запобігти поширенню бактерій.

Ще одна причина - це заломи на шкірі від звичайної наволочки зранку. Оскільки шовк "ковзкий", то не залишає слідів та заломів після довгого сну, що запобігає пришвидшенню старінню шкіри (все ж таки у 25 років вже починаю про це думати😅)

Я не вперше купую щось від молодо, тому знаю, що вони виготовляють свою продукцію із 100% шовку + мені дуже приємно підтримати український бренд навіть знаходячись закордоном 💛💙
Коли прийшла моя посилочка, в ній все було ідеально: гарнющі наволочки кольору сизого кольору, гарна упаковка, невеличка інструкція, як доглядати їх, а листівка від Мирослави та Наді - то взагалі любов 🫶
Дуже вам дякую!


I bought these pillowcases (as well as a silk towel) mainly due to acne, because silk has natural antibacterial properties that help prevent the spread of bacteria.

Another reason is the skin creases from a regular pillowcase in the morning. Since silk is " smooth ", it does not leave traces and creases after a long sleep, which prevents the acceleration of skin aging ( after all, at the age of 25 I am already starting to think about it😅)

It's not the first time I've bought something from Molodo, so I know that they manufacture their products from 100% silk + I'm very pleased to support the Ukrainian brand even when I'm abroad 💛💙
When my parcel arrived, everything was perfect: beautiful bluish pillowcases, lovely packaging, a little instruction on how to maintain them, and a postcard from Myroslava and Nadia - it was pure joy 🫶
Thank you so much!

Владислав Шелест
Шовкова наволочка

Дуже приємний на дотик матеріал, спати на якому суцільне задоволення. Красиве пакування та був приємний бонус за очікування.


Вже пів року десь сплю на шовкових наволочках MOLODO, брала молочну та пудрову. Пудровий колір вживу навіть красивіший, ніж на фото. Хочу подякувати дівчатам за їх роботу, дуже якісну та красиву продукцію ви робите!

Every night silk pillowcase MOLODO will:

✓ Preserve your youth and beauty,
✓ Make your hair shiny and silky
✓ Maintain a level of skin hydration
✓ Prevent skin irritation and microdamage
✓ Maintain proper thermoregulation at any time of the year.

"This pillowcase changed my life, no kidding. Skin looks so much clearer and I stopped having those wrinkles in the mornings. Hair looks much shinier as well. Long story short - I ensured my entire family sleeps on silk now!"


What makes MOLODO silk pillowcases so special?

MOLODO pillowcases are made from a premium 100% organic Mulberry silk, certified according to international standards. It's hypoallergenic, antibacterial and is perfect for skin & hair youth.

How should I wash my silk pillowcase?

Our silk is certified with Global Organic Textile Certificate. Please find it here

How to wash MOLODO™ silk products?

Best option is to use organic shampoo, soap or special silk care wash. Test our organic silk wash Silky Way.

Hand wash (maximum at 30°С / 85°F)

MOLODO silk can be washed in the washing machine, however, we do recommend hand wash. Add silk wash into the cool water (maximum 30°С), and then add in silk item. 

IMPORTANT! Do not wash silk in hot water, as it will lose its softness. 

How to dry silk products? 

Before drying silk products - absorb the extra water with a clean dry towel.  Then, spread silk item on a horizontal surface to dry. Do not machine dry. Do not mix with other fabric - silk has the ability to lose some colour and can stain other clothes. Do not dry under the sun.

I need a different pillowcase size, how can I order it?

MOLODO has its own manufacture in Lviv, Ukraine. Therefore, we are happy to make any pillowcase size you need. In order to purchase custom-sized pillowcase, email us at or Instagram