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MOLODO is a Ukrainian brand of organic silk accessories and loungewear. Our products aim to preserve youth and natural beauty and we get out inspiration from nature.

Self-care is a special ritual for a woman. With this thought in mind we developed molodo.me .

We produce organic silk pillowcases, sleep masks, scrunchies and hair accessories, anti-aging pillows, silk protection masks, towels and turbans. A spacial collection is dedicated to the timeless loungewear. These are beloved basic things that will serve you for years.


Any magic story begins with those who created this magic. In MOLODO, everything began with co-founders Myroslava from Lviv, Ukraine, and Nadiia from Mariupol, Ukraine.

Their synergy and common values have given birth to the brand MOLODO, which today is associated with silk accessories, clothing, and underwear.

2019 - anti-aging KEY pillow

But the brand's journey began with an idea in 2019 — to create a perfect pillow that will help to prevent the appearance of mechanical wrinkles around eyes. 

The idea came to the co-founder Myroslava. She was in love with always breezy and delicate silk products thanks to her mother since childhood. It was a love that passed through the generations in the female line. Myroslava managed to materialize the idea into a quality product that is a pleasure to touch, helps to preserve youth and does not harm the environment.

This pillow was and remains one of the most beloved products of the brand.

Anti-Aging KEY Pillow

2020 & 2021 - accessories and silk loungewear 

Over the time, the assortment was expanded at the request of customers. Their happiness and satisfaction from taking care of themselves are very important for Myroslava and Nadia.

But the most valuable things always stay the same: the brand's team creates anti-age products at its own zero-waste production in Lviv, Ukraine. The beauty tools that breand creates not only support women's health and youth, but also do not harm the nature.

MOLODO manufacturing in Lviv, Ukraine

"The main idea of the brand is to pass on the tradition of natural self-care to future generations. That is why we produce premium silk accessories that do not harm our planet and teach responsible consumption - while caring for yourself and nature."

2022 - new beginning in Europe

In 2022, during the war, MOLODO brand had a second birth: production in Ukraine continued to make customers happy and help them take care of their beauty even in the most difficult times.

Now MOLODO is boldly coming out to the international market to serve women all over the world. By purchasing silk accessories from MOLODO, you support Ukrainian entrepreneurship and invest in your natural beauty.

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Featured on BBC World

We thank everyone who has joined our comunity and who keeps on supporting us on this journey!

With love, Myroslava & Nadiia

  • Sustainable Approach

    90% of MOLODO items are produced on demand to minimize over-production. Our small manufacture in Lviv has skilled Ukrainian craftswomen who create silk products by hand and pay special attention to quality and details.

  • ZERO-waste

    Responsible consumption is important to us, so we make sure our manufacture leaves minimal leftovers.
    We order leftover silk from our factory and create limited colorful hair scrunchie collections. From the small silk pieces, we create lavender sachets. 

  • Handmade Manufacture

    In Ukraine MOLODO is the only brand that manufactures its products from 100% organic Mulberry silk. All MOLODO items pass strict quality control. We check every seam, every button, every silk fold and make sure everything is of premium quality.

  • Organic silk

    Our silk products do not have any synthetic dyes nor EA. It is our promise to use only 100% organic silk certified with the leading organic standard GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX