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Blocks out light and slows down aging: can a sleep mask really improve your sleep?

A sleeping mask is useful for more than just sleeping in bright rooms. You will sleep better, look better in the morning, and have skin around your eyes that looks young for many years if you use this mask.

Let’s see the benefits of a sleeping mask and find out how to choose the one that will provide a good night’s rest. This article will cover:

  • Benefits of a sleep mask
  • How a sleep mask will help you preserve your youth
  • Why a sleep mask has to be made of silk
  • Сonclusion
  • Benefits of a sleep mask

    A sleep mask helps you plunge into the darkness even if a lantern flickers in front of your window all night or the sun rays break through the curtains at dawn. Or you simply have no choice but to sleep at day time in a brightly lit room.

    Because of the lighting at night, the transition between sleep cycles can be disturbed. This affects the quality of your rest. Here's how it happens:

    • you may wake up during the night;
    • your sleep cycle may be interrupted;
    • you spend less time in deeper sleep stages, when your body recovers better.

    Of course, a sleep mask is not the only solution. You can also use blackout curtains. But the mask is an option that will come in handy both at home and when you need to sleep in a brightly lit room, for example, during a trip, etc.

    How a sleep mask will help preserve your youth

    To understand how a blackout sleep mask affects your beauty and youth, let's first understand how our biological clock or circadian rhythms work.

    The processes in your body are related to the change of day and night. Light is a signal to wake up, and darkness to sleep. Melatonin, the sleep hormone, is produced in response to darkness. It adjusts the daily rhythm, helps to fall asleep faster and sleep better at night. Melatonin is also a wonderful antioxidant that cares about your beauty and youth.

    Melatonin secretion increases after dark, peaks between two and four in the morning, and then gradually declines. However, if light falls on the retina, the hormone is produced in smaller amounts. It disturbs your healthy sleep.

    Research by the British Association of Dermatologists has proven that lack of sleep causes skin aging. So, the better you sleep, the healthier and younger you look.

    Improving sleep is not the only advantage of a sleeping mask for our youth and beauty. This accessory also helps to avoid the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes. How does this happen?

    First, the mask keeps the pillow from putting too much pressure on the sensitive area around the eyes. This prevents the formation of folds during sleep, which eventually turn into permanent wrinkles. If you sleep with your face on the pillow all the time, you are less likely to wake up with marks on your face if you wear a mask.

    Secondly, the mask prevents friction of the orbital zone on the pillow during the night. The contact between the pillow and the area around the eyes may seem like a small detail, but in fact, such regular mechanical friction over time leads to skin dehydration and mini-irritations. Also, the moisturizing cream around your eyes is washed away while you sleep, so it does not do what you want it to do. A sleeping mask will protect the skin from moisture loss. This, in turn, will help keep the skin supple and hydrated and prevent the early appearance of "crow's feet", wrinkles around the eyes and drooping of the upper eyelid.

    In addition to wrinkles in the eye area, sleeping masks will also help to avoid puffiness and dark circles in the morning. They exert physical pressure on the skin under the eyes and do not allow excess fluid to stagnate, which contributes to swelling.

    You can buy a silk sleep mask with an adjustable strap on MOLODO website.

    Why should a sleep mask be made of silk

    The MOLODO silk sleep mask has several advantages.

    • Suitable for sensitive skin. The Mullbery silk we use at MOLODO is made up of two proteins: fibroin and sericin. This makes its structure more similar to human hair than other natural fibers such as cotton and others. Unlike synthetic fabrics, organic silk does not damage top skin layer. Therefore, MOLODO silk sleep masks are safe even for the most delicate and sensitive skin.
    • It has an anti-aging effect. 100% natural silk contains 18 essential amino acids such as serine, aspartic acid, etc. They restore the epidermis, moisturize the skin, make it smoother and prevent premature wrinkles.That’s why we call this mask an anti-aging mask.

    If you are worried about constant use of a mask causing face wrinkles, go for a MOLODO sleep mask. It gently fits, but doesn’t squeeze the head, leave marks on the face or damage the hair. It’s an anti-wrinkle silk mask.

    • It enhances the effects of beauty care products. Silk absorbs less moisture than other fabrics. Therefore, all beauty products that you apply to the skin around your eyes will remain there. Silk will actually make them work even better.
    • Suitable for daily use. Unlike other fabrics, silk has antibacterial properties, and it doesn’t need to be washed every day.
    • Blocks out light and helps melatonin production. This mask has an adjustable strap which makes it perfectly fit your face and completely blocks any light.


    A sleep mask helps to block out the light and deepen the darkness. It increases melatonin production, which is not only a sleep hormone, but also an antioxidant. You will also transition through sleep cycles without waking up. This is the key to a good night’s sleep.

    There are several types of sleep masks: cotton, gel, weighted, heated, etc. We advise you to choose a silk sleep mask. It is suitable for sensitive skin, has an anti-aging effect, enhances the effects of beauty products and is suitable for daily use.

    You deserve a healthy sleep with gentle touches of silk. Treat yourself with a MOLODO soft silk sleep mask to drift into gentle dreams every night and wake up refreshed and energized. Also, a sleep mask made of premium Mulberry silk is an exquisite gift for a friend or a girlfriend to show your concern for their health and beauty.


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