Why do 10 out of 10 girls recommend the MOLODO face and body peeling glove?

We have a firm position - we are all for maintaining natural beauty in an environmentally friendly and planet-friendly way. This is the only way. That's why our team creates products from the gifts of the Earth which are an ideal alternative to aggressive products. 

With this idea in mind, we created a glove made of raw silk to show girls how to take care of their face and body skin efficiently and effectively without using scrubs and synthetic peels.

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When you first look at the glove, it's hard to imagine how such a simple-looking thing can produce impressive results (better than products from well-known brands). But once you use it 1-2 times, the wow effect makes you fall in love with this product forever. It's all thanks to nature, which takes care of us, and we take care of it.

How does the silk exfoliating glove work? 

Natural unprocessed silk, thanks to its weaving and fiber structure, cleanses the skin very gently and effectively and supports the process of natural regeneration. At the same time, it does not damage the protective barrier and does not injure it, as scrubs do.

We created a focus group that tested the glove for a month to back up the claims with facts.  

Here are the results: 10 out of 10 girls recommend it for weekly face and body exfoliation because after several uses, the skin becomes softer, smoother, pores are cleansed, and there are no irritations or rednesses, even in the cold season. 

Check out the girls' own reviews of the effectiveness and other benefits of silk peeling. 

Irina: "The skin is very soft, better than from scrubbing and dry brushing."  

 Eline: "The skin is very soft, and even seems to have become lighter. The first few times the skin rolled off very much, as if it hadn't been washed for 100 years, but now the result is wow. My skin is soft and clean, it's noticeably whiter, and my pores are not clogged so much. I am delighted."

When you try exfoliating silk glow from MOLODO once you will use it over and over for years, and the results begin better and better.

Victoria: "I'm in a pleasant shock from using a face mitt as part of a peeling. I am now in a very northern country and it is already cold and frosty here. Therefore, I was afraid to injure my skin once again by peeling, but the glove just fell in love with me. The skin is super soft after it and at the same time cleansed, and there are no aggressive effects, such as irritation, which pleased me the most. Moreover, after two peels with a glove, I noticed a decrease in redness and pores on my face."

Marіia: "Today is exactly one month since I have been using the glove (every other day)! Honestly, the result is incredible! I have reduced the volume of my legs from above and cellulite has disappeared (which I could not reduce either with a course of anti-cellulite massages or lymphatic massage). To say I'm happy is an understatement. I enjoy using the glove and, honestly, I did not expect such a result, my skin is smooth, and most importantly, my legs have become thinner. Thank you very much Myroslava and Nadiia for the opportunity to test your wonderful products."

Our team is happy to continue creating natural products that fill your time with yourself with pleasure and light up your inner smile with inspiring results.

MOLODO — Habits for Your Natural Beauty

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What makes MOLODO silk so special:

✓ Organic 100% Mulberry silk
✓ Only natural dyes
✓ Hypoallergenic
✓ Antibacterial
✓ Serves you for years and does not harm our Planet

100% of MOLODO silk products are made in Ukraine with love.

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