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Silk Turban MOLODO for Hair: A Universal Recipe for Luxurious Hair

A silk turban is the smartest investment in the health of your hair. Once you buy this silk accessory, you'll be saving time and money on care for years to come. Plus, you will be enjoying the benefits of beautiful hair.

To reap all the turban's benefits, choosing a well-designed and high-quality product is crucial. The original double-sided silk and microfiber turban from MOLODO has become an absolute bestseller in Ukraine, all thanks to meticulously crafted details and the natural silk fabric that cares for your hair.

Let's explore why it will become your must-have in the hair routine.

Designed to Make Life Easier for Everyone

The turban was developed in collaboration with renowned hairstylist Olena Barly. As the co-owner of the beauty salon network BARLY and the author of the most popular beauty marathon, "Beautiful Hair," Olena brings 18 years of expertise in hair styling. Her proficiency has been crucial in creating a user-friendly and effective hair product.

The turban helps neatly gather and partially dry hair of any length due to its optimal size. Importantly, it doesn't sit heavily on the head with a bulky construction, as mohair towels or terry turbans often do. The lightweight and smooth fabric easily twists and fastens at the back (or can be worn with the fastening in the front). Consequently, the turban doesn't weigh down, tug, harm, or pull the hair. In contrast, silk possesses numerous beneficial properties for strands and the scalp.


Microfiber Side Tenderly Dries Hair

MOLODO's turban is double-sided, and we recommend using the microfiber side after showering. Experts consider this technological fabric the best option for drying wet hair.

The great thing about microfiber is that it can dry hair three times faster than any other type. All because it spreads out the moisture evenly. Unlike terrycloth, microfiber doesn't strip excess moisture from the hair strands, preventing excessive dryness and leaving them neither dull nor brittle.

The smoothness of MOLODO's microfiber also works in favor of our hair. It doesn't catch on hair cuticles and doesn't provoke breakage, as mohair often does. Therefore, MOLODO's silk turban with microfiber will be particularly beneficial for women with damaged or dyed hair because it won't harm it more. However, the turban's main innovation lies on its other side.


Шовковий тюрбан для волосся MOLODO

Silk Side Takes Care of Your Hair

One side of the turban is made from 100% certified organic Mulberry silk. We recommend using the silk side to wrap slightly dried hair, around 5-10 minutes after using the microfiber side.

Just why do we have to do this? Proteins and amino acids found in natural silk make it a luxurious hair care product. It softens the hair structure, making the curls silkier and shinier. The smooth surface of silk flattens the cuticles on the hair, preventing split ends and ensuring that the hair doesn't tangle, making it easier to comb. Therefore, all silk hair accessories, including MOLODO's silk scrunchies and pillowcases, are especially relevant for women with fine hair prone to damage.

Another advantage of organic silk for hair is that it reduces static and preserves its natural volume. So, you can wrap dry hair with a silk turban to maintain a perfect hairstyle longer or protect your hair from the sun's rays outdoors.

Finally, it's important to note that, according to the founders of the MOLODO brand, self-care should be a special ritual. So, in addition to making it easier to dry your hair and improving its condition, you get another important benefit. Turbans turn taking care of your hair into a ritual of pure pleasure. All thanks to their beautiful look and the love that went into making each one. As a bonus, a lavender sachet for aromatherapy comes with your order. 

Silk Turban MOLODO

The benefits of MOLODO's silk accessories are always confirmed by our customers.

"This is the best thing that happened to our hair. It absorbs moisture so well and doesn't damage the hair itself. I only regret not ordering the turban earlier."

"I've been using the turban for 2 weeks, and I immediately noticed the difference compared to a regular towel. My hair became smoother and less frizzy. And the convenience is praiseworthy. Lightweight, compact, and functional. Girls, you've created a masterpiece!"

"It's a game-changer; I use it every day. My hair (curls) looks much better and retains its shape."


Purchase the silk turban and enjoy smooth hair right away!

All MOLODO silk accessories are handmade in our zero-waste workshop in Lviv. It takes between one and three days to ship an order after it is placed. Our silk accesories can be sent almost anywhere in the world!

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What makes MOLODO silk so special:

✓ Organic 100% Mulberry silk
✓ Only natural dyes
✓ Hypoallergenic
✓ Antibacterial
✓ Serves you for years and does not harm our Planet

100% of MOLODO silk products are made in Ukraine with love.

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