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Silk Turban Set (2pcs)

Silk Turban Set (2pcs)

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Turban Color #1
Turban Color #2

Recommended by dermatologists, cosmetologists and your girlfriends

Silk Turban Set for your advanced haircare includes:

  • 2 silk turbans with microfiber on once side, and silk on the other side.
  • Silk care instruction. 

Despite its delicate structure, silk will last for many years, if you carefully follow all the care guides.

MOLODO Silk Turban Set – luxurious present for yourself or your loved ones .


Organic Mulberry 100% silk on one side & microfiber on another side. You can use both sides!

Only natural dyes.
Silk is certified with Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and OEKO Tex 100.


ONE SIZE Suitable for all hair types and lengths.

Care Instructions

How to wash MOLODO™ silk products?

Best option is to use organic shampoo, soap or special silk care wash. Test our organic silk wash Silky Way.

Hand wash (maximum at 30°С / 85°F)

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Customer Reviews

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Тетяна Задорожна

Silk Turban Set (2pcs)


Маю тюрбан з мікрофібри, на мій погляд, пересушує волосся, тому вирішила спробувати тюрбан Molodo. Дуже подобається, як він працює з волоссям, гарний результат, але в кольорових не подобається біла підкладка, хотілося б, щоб була в тон, як у чорному.

Яна Козак

Silk Turban Set (2pcs)

"I cound't find a slk turban for a long time,even though there are plenty of cotton ones. I used silk turban every time after shower and even sometimes sleep with it, hair is super silky in the morning!"
Maria, 32

Upgrade your AFTER SHOWER routine with Silk & Microfibre Turban by MOLODO

✓ Silk glides on your hair without injuring it. Wet hair is very vulnerable and ordinary cotton towels damage it

✓ Microfibre helps to maintain the necessary hair moisture level without overdrying it

✓ One Size. It is easy to use! fits perfectly for short, long, strastraight, wavy, and curly hair.


How to use MOLODO silk & microfiber turban?

It's easy. After washing you hair, put on turban with microfibre side to your hair for 2-3 minutes. Microfibre will absorb extra water. Then, put on the turban with silk side to your hair for 8-15 minutes and enjoy your beauty routine, meanwhile silk does its wonders. Take off turban and hang to dry.

Will MOLODO turban work for my hair type?

MOLODO silk & microfibre turban is perfect for any hair type and length. Women from all over the world have switched cotton towels to MOLODO turban and have noticed less hair-frizz, better hair quality and shine.

What is MOLODO turban made of?

Organic Mulberry 100% silk on one side & premium microfibre on another side. You can use both sides!

Only natural dyes.
Silk is certified with Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and OEKO Tex 100.

What makes MOLODO turban unique?

The effective combination of organic 100% Mulberry silk and premium microfibre make MOLODO turban the best of its kind. Developed together with top hair experts, it is the best choice for healthy and shiny hair