Silky Way Shampoo for delicate fabrics

Organic Silk Shampoo by MOLODO is a gentle detergent made from organic ingredients, perfect for silk, wool, cashmere, and other delicate fabrics. It is suitable for both hand and machine washing.


Deionized water, soap, anionic surfactants from vegetable raw materials, alkyl polyglucoside, micro lipid system, glyceryl oleate, chelating agent Trilon M, fragrance.

How to wash MOLODO™ silk products?

Hand wash (maximum at 30°С / 85°F)

MOLODO silk can be washed in the washing machine, however, we do recommend hand wash. Add silk shampoo into the cool water (maximum 30°С), and then add in silk item. 

IMPORTANT! Do not wash silk in hot water, as it will lose its softness.  Do not bleach!

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How to dry silk products? 

Before drying silk products - absorb the extra water with a clean dry towel.  Then, spread silk item on a horizontal surface to dry. Do not machine dry. Do not mix with other fabric - silk has the ability to lose some colour and can stain other clothes. Do not dry under the sun.