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Anti-aging Silk Moisturising Gloves

Anti-aging Silk Moisturising Gloves

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Pamper your hands with 100% silk moisturising gloves. 

Double-layer gloves work on both sides. The outer silk can be used for polishing hair strands. The inner side silk - moisturizes the palms during sleep. Apply hand cream and wear silk gloves at night. Hand cream will go deep into the pores and moisturize skin.

Five reasons to buy MOLODO moisturizing gloves:

1. Enhance the effectiveness of anti-age hand creams

2. Moisturize sensitive and dry skin.

3. Relieve discomfort from rosacea and eczema.

4. Polish hair a give it a natural shine

5. Hypoallergenic material


    Organic Mulberry 100% silk.

    No toxic dyes.
    Our silk is certified with Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and Oeko Tex 100.

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    Доставка здійснюється перевізником «Нова Пошта» в будь-яке зручне для Вас відділення. Ціна доставки автоматично додається на етапі оплати. Інформація про міжнародну доставку за посиланням


    Care Instructions

    How to wash MOLODO™ silk products?

    Best option is to use organic shampoo, soap or special silk care wash. Test our organic silk wash Silky Way.

    Hand wash (maximum at 30°С / 85°F)

    For more details please read here

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    What makes MOLODO silk so special:

    ✓ Organic 100% Mulberry silk
    ✓ Only natural dyes
    ✓ Hypoallergenic
    ✓ Antibacterial
    ✓ Serves you for years and does not harm our Planet

    100% of MOLODO silk products are made in Ukraine with love.