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Silk Towel 110*70cm

Silk Towel 110*70cm

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Recommended by dermatologists, cosmetologists and your girlfriends 🙂

MOLODO™  Silk Hair Towel guarantees gentle hair care and the most tender sensations after shower.

Here is what you will receive:

  • Silk Hair Towel made from organic premium silk (two-layered), 
  • Silk care guide,
  • Branded gift packaging
  • Lavender sachet for aromatherapy


Organic Mulberry 100% silk.

Only natural dyes.
Silk is certified with Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and Oeko Tex 100.

Shipping & Returns

Delivery is carried out by «NOVA POSHTA». The cost of domestic delivery is automatically added at the checkout. For international delivery please read here


Face towel size - 50*40cm (two layers of silk)
Big towel size - 110*70

Care Instructions

How to wash MOLODO™ silk products?

Best option is to use organic shampoo, soap or special silk care wash. Test our organic silk wash Silky Way.

Hand wash (maximum at 30°С / 85°F)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Oleg Petukhov

Відправка за іншою адресою.

Галина Недіна

Рушник чудовий. Колір дуже гарний

Анна Коновал

Прекрасное полотенце! Очень подходит для кучерявых волос. Это удивительно, но уже после первого применения чувствуется эффект-волосы более гладкие и мягкие.


Upgrade your SKIN & HAIR CARE routine with Silk Towels by MOLODO

✓ Silk glides on your hair without injuring it. Wet hair is very vulnerable and ordinary towels damage it

✓ Heps to maintain the necessary hair moisture level without over drying it

✓ It's perfect for curly hair to avoid hair frizz

✓ Bacteria cannot grow in a silk towel (unlike a usual cotton towel), so helps to avoid skin rash and acne.

✓ Silk face towel - is eco alternative to endless paper towels

"I used to buy paper towels all the time, because my dermatologist advised to avoid cotton ones. Now I switched to silk cz it's a much more eco alternative and skin feels good"