Greetings from 

If you are reading this, maybe, that means you wish to preserve your natural beauty and youth, you understand the value of healthy sleep and you love tenderness and aesthetics the same way we do!

With this in mind, we (Mira and Nadiia) created MOLODO.

MOLODO - is a brand of self-care tools for your natural beauty. MOLODO™ - stands for harmony of body, mind and soul. MOLODO is not only a brand, it is a philosophy.

Mission of MOLODO

 To preserve and prolong natural feminine youth and beauty. 

                  Vision of MOLODO

Пропагувати есенційні звички, які позитивно впливатимуть на тіло-розум-душу To Promote the essestial youth habits, with love for our bodies.

                   Values of MOLODO

Sensuality, Love, Awareness, Environmental Friendliness, Holism.


Our Own Manufacture

In Ukraine MOLODO™ - is the only brand that manufactures its products from 100% premium organic Mulberry silk. Our manufacture is located in Lviv, where an entire team is producing perfect silk accessories for you. 

All MOLODO™ items pass strict quality control. We check every seam, every button, every silk fold and make sure everything is of premium quality. Our silk products do not have any synthetic dyes nor EA. продукція MOLODO проходить перевірку на якість. It is our promise to use only 100% organic silk certified with GOTS.

About MOLODO silk. For all of our products we use 25 momme Mulberry silk. This guarantees not only the premium quality of the products, but also their endurance and durability. 

We hope you will love our silk as much as we do! 

with love,
Nadiia and Mira