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Silk hair scrunchies: 10 reasons why they're the best choice for your hair

Silk hair scrunchies are not just a trendy accessory but an essential part of daily hair care. They stand out among other accessories for their ability to protect strands from damage, provide extra shine, and ensure comfort during hair styling. The advantages of those accessories do not stop there, though:)

Let's explore ten compelling reasons that make silk hair scrunchies the best choice for any hairstyle.


#1: No creases

To maintain the perfect hairstyle you've spent time and effort on, or to tie your hair for additional comfort? This question is especially important for people whose hair is thin and fragile and loses its volume quickly. However, silk hair ties address this dilemma.

Thanks to its smooth texture, silk gently glides over the hair surface. It doesn't leave creases or "steal" volume from the roots. So, with silk hair ties, you can easily change your hairstyle throughout the day without sacrificing comfort or beauty.


#2: Strands remain undamaged

When we tie our hair into a ponytail, we often don't consider how it affects its condition. Some strands typically get tangled in regular hair ties, leading to breakage or splitting when untangling. The ends get noticeably thinner and the length loses its attractiveness over time because of this.

Something entirely different happens when you use silk hair scrunchies. Thanks to their smooth texture, these accessories don't "chew up" the strands or break them. Thus, silk hair scrunchies keep your hair healthy even after prolonged wear.


#3: Silk hair scrunchies take care for your hair

Choosing the right hair scrunchies can make a significant difference in your hair's condition. Synthetic materials often used in ties can damage the hair's protective layer known as the cuticle, resulting in dullness, fragility, and overall hair health deterioration.

Natural silk doesn't harm the hair structure but also adds natural shine and a healthy look. Hair care experts confirm that using silk hair accessories can help maintain your hair in good condition for a long time. In other words, with silk hair scrunchies, you can visit the hairdresser less often, saving time and money.


#4: All-day hold

Given how delicate silk is and how slippery it is, it might seem like hair ties made from it would not hold hair well. Along with being able to glide over skin smoothly, silk accessories can also securely hold onto hair.

Well-made silk hair ties have sufficient folds, allowing them to grip the strands effectively. Thus, a silk hair scrunchie is a good choice for situations where you need to keep your hairstyle in place throughout the day. This feature is especially useful for people with thick or heavy hair that can be hard to style and keep in place.



#5: Extra comfort (suitable for sleep)

If you've ever held silk in your hands, you know that this fabric is almost weightless. Therefore, braiding your hair with silk scrunchies provides an entirely new level of comfort. They don't weigh down or pull strands, as some other accessories might do. And, of course, forget about the headaches that often afflict people after a long day with a tight hairstyle.

For people who usually braid their hair before bed, the lightness of silk hair ties is very important. Now that you have these accessories, you will not have to change how you sleep to fit your hairstyle and wake up in discomfort. Combining a silk hair tie with a pillowcase made from the same material provides additional care for your strands while you sleep.


#6: Healthy scalp

At first glance, hair ties might seem to have no effect on the scalp. In reality, it's quite the opposite. Most regular hair ties grip the hair too tightly, creating excessive tension on the hair follicles. This can lead to discomfort and itching. It's been proven that wearing tight hair ties regularly can weaken hair follicles and increase the possibility of hair loss, dandruff, and other skin infections.

Thanks to their softness and minimal strain on the follicles, silk scrunchies not only provide comfort but also help avoid problems with the scalp. 

#7: Say goodbye to static

One more big benefit of silk scrunchies is that they do not rub against hair as much as regular cotton or plastic ties do. This means you won't have to deal with the unpleasant effects of static or excessive hair frizz.

People who have trouble styling their hair, whether it is extremely fine or wavy, will find this point particularly important. When you use silk hair ties, your locks will not tangle or get staticky, so your style stays put.


#8: A worthwhile investment

Silk is one of the strongest materials, despite its fragile appearance. Tearing or even stretching a silk hair tie will require a lot of force. It's also worth noting that MOLODO uses only the finest dyes for its silk accessories, ensuring they retain their rich color and attractive appearance for a long time.

It’s safe to say that one silk scrunchy can easily replace a dozen regular ones. Because of this, they are an excellent addition to any hair accessory set.


#9: Touch of elegance

Silk scrunchies not only have all the functional benefits, but they also look fantastic. Their luxurious sheen and vibrant colors add elegance to even the simplest look. MOLODO has designed silk hair ties in various sizes and colors for every occasion in life😃 Mini sizes are perfect for securing braids, twists, or minimalist ponytails. They're also an ideal option for braiding hair at home or for sleeping. Midi hair ties are great for braiding buns or loose ponytails. When you want your hairdo to stand out, like in a big bun or voluminous ponytail, voluminous Maxi ties are a lifesaver. You can get ties in any size you like, or get a set of three different ones so you can try new things every time. 

#10: Eco-friendly choice

It is no secret that the plastic hair ties we change every couple of months will be passed down to our children and grandchildren. Microplastics end up in the oceans and stay there for hundreds of years, hurting almost all living things on Earth.

Natural silk is considered to be one of the most environmentally friendly fabrics. It organically decomposes and causes less harm to the environment. Another positive aspect is that silk production typically avoids the use of chemicals. This makes silk safe for the planet and ourselves. You can read more about silk sustainability.

Speaking of eco-friendliness, it's important to note that all hair accessories from MOLODO are made from organic Mulberry silk, which holds Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and Oeko Tex 100 certifications. All accessories, including silk hair turbans and pillowcases, are handmade in their zero-waste workshop in Lviv. A lavender sachet, used for aromatherapy, is included with every purchase to ensure that using silk accessories is both practical and pleasant. 

By choosing silk hair ties, you're making a contribution to your health, beauty, and the well-being of our planet.

Visit the MOLODO store and choose the best silk hair scrunchie for yourself or order a gift certificate for your loved one to treat themselves to a beneficial accessory!


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