Anti-Aging Silk Pillow: How It Works, Different Types, and How to Choose the Right One

Anti-Aging Silk Pillow: How It Works, Different Types, and How to Choose the Right One

Your skin's beauty and youthfulness are closely linked to how well and how long you sleep. Science has repeatedly shown that during the night time, our body switches to an active recovery mode, and the skin restores its natural firmness and radiance. It's no wonder they say that sleep is the best cosmetologist.

At the same time, during sleep, the skin becomes very vulnerable to irritants. But did you know that one of these potential sources of irritation can be the pillow you sleep on? It has been proven that sleeping on traditional pillows can accelerate aging processes and, over time, even cause facial deformation. So today, we'll determine how to choose a pillow that will care for your beauty and youth.

What's Wrong with a Regular Pillow?

Actually, the problem is not with the pillow itself but in the sleeping position. Cosmetologists claim that sleeping on your side can provoke numerous skin problems. And according to research, more than 75% of people sleep in this position.

Sleeping on your side means that your skin is pressed against the pillow and creased into folds for several hours each night. This pressure can lead to the constant thinning of the skin's protective barrier, increasing its vulnerability to external factors such as sun exposure or cold wind. This means more dryness in the summer and redness and irritation in the winter. Additionally, friction against the pillow increases the likelihood of morning puffiness.

The worst part is that side sleeping contributes to the formation of creases and folds on the skin, which may be noticeable in the morning right after you wake up. Of course, after washing and morning skincare routines, they usually disappear. However, over time, such imprints do have a negative impact on the skin's condition.

Regular wrinkling of the skin for several hours a day causes collagen breakdown in the skin. According to doctors, this eventually leads to the premature formation of wrinkles. Cosmetologists warn that sleeping on your side most often provokes so-called crow's feet around the eyes and drooping upper eyelids. Additionally, those who love to sleep on their side may have more pronounced nasolabial folds, as this area of the face is particularly vulnerable to damage.

If you always sleep on one side, there's a risk of developing age-related facial asymmetry. Cosmetic doctor Sophie Shotter, an aesthetician, says she can accurately determine which side her clients sleep on.

"If someone regularly sleeps on one side, that side of the face will look several years older. The brows will be slightly lower, their lines will be more pronounced, and the nasolabial fold will be more noticeable."

Beauty experts have found a solution to this problem: they invented anti-age pillows for sleep.

Anti-Aging Pillow: How It Helps Prevent Premature Skin Aging

Anti-aging pillows are primarily designed to reduce pressure on the face during sleep. This keeps the skin from wrinkling and creases.

There are two types of anti-aging pillows:

  1. Pillows with Side Supports
    The essence of these pillows is that they keep you in a supine position during sleep and support the head in a level position. Thus, you don't have to worry about facial asymmetry and premature expression lines.
  2. Pillows with Cutouts
    These pillows support only the areas under the chin and forehead, leaving the most vulnerable parts of the face (which are most susceptible to friction and negative impacts from pillows) in the air during sleep. This way, the skin doesn't suffer from friction and creasing throughout the night. The bonus of this sleep accessory is that it keeps the most vulnerable part of the face in the air, even while side sleeping. Thus, the skin can breathe and recover more effectively at night.

How to Choose an Anti-Aging Pillow?

  • Anti-Aging Pillow Shape 

Both pillows with side supports and pillows with cutouts protect the face from pressure, friction, and, consequently, premature aging. Therefore, you can choose based on personal preference or comfort. However, consider one nuance: pillows with side supports imply sleeping on your back only. So, if you are used to falling asleep on your side, they may cause discomfort.

To sleep in your favorite position without harming your face, choose the KEY anti-aging silk pillow from MOLODO.

  • Anti-Aging Pillow Filling 

Many anti-aging pillows have silicone filling. Since silicone best retains its shape, it is used for pillows with high side supports. According to experts, silicone is quite safe for skin health. This material is hypoallergenic and antibacterial, as it repels dust mites and some types of harmful bacteria.

Due to its high density, silicone does not "breathe." In the summer, such pillows may be uncomfortable because the skin sweats more on them. Remember that when the skin sweats, it becomes more prone to redness and irritation.

A common alternative to silicone fillings is natural fiber fillings. The most common are down, bamboo, and wool. They are all known for their softness and good breathability. Down has a known disadvantage: it can accumulate bacteria and often cause allergic reactions. If your skin is prone to breakouts, it is better to avoid the idea of buying a down pillow.

In terms of hypoallergenicity, wool-filled pillows are the winners. Bacteria or fungi do not multiply in this filler, and the resilient structure of wool fibers repels dust. Wool has excellent hygroscopic properties - a wool pillow absorbs up to 30% of the moisture released by the skin overnight while remaining dry to the touch. This property ensures comfort during sleep and prevents the development of microorganisms with increased skin moisture. Accordingly, even those with the most sensitive skin need not worry that the pillow will harm their skin condition in any way.

The MOLODO brand chose wool as the filler for the KEY anti-aging silk pillows for another reason. It contains a special substance - lanolin. It normalizes the lipid balance on the skin's surface, helping to reduce moisture loss and, as a result, ensuring the softness and smoothness of the skin.

  • Which Pillowcase to Choose?

The last, but not least important nuance, is the fabric from which the pillowcase for the anti-aging pillow is made. Anti-aging pillows have a special shape, so it's important to pay attention to the pillowcase that comes with the pillow when purchasing it.

Often, brands offer cotton pillowcases. This fabric has the ability to absorb a large amount of moisture. So if your skin tends to be dry, a cotton pillowcase will only worsen the situation. This is also not the best option for aging skin that has already lost its ability to retain sufficient moisture.

American dermatologist Sophie Shotter comments that she recommends her patients choose pillows with silk pillowcases:

"Silk pillowcases do not create friction on the skin. Additionally, this fabric is hypoallergenic and is often recommended by surgeons after surgery because silk also prevents morning skin puffiness."

You can read more about the positive effects of silk pillowcases for facial skin and hair here.

Checklist for Choosing an Anti-Aging Pillow:

  • Choose a shape that will not cause discomfort. If you sleep on your side or turn in your sleep, the best option is a pillow with side cutouts.
  • Pay attention to the filling. Experts recommend wool, as it is breathable, prevents the development of microorganisms in the pillow, and therefore does not cause skin irritation.
  • Pick a silk pillowcase. A natural silk pillowcase, unlike a cotton one, does not absorb too much moisture and does not provoke dehydration.

MOLODO manufactures clothing and accessories from organic Mulberry silk, which is certified by Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and Oeko Tex 100. All accessories, including silk hair turbans and MOLODO pillowcases, are handmade in their zero-waste workshop in Lviv. Each order comes with a lavender sachet for aromatherapy, to make the experience of using silk accessories not only beneficial but also pleasant.

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